Information for Manufacturers

We are establishing long-term relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of various products for the International Export Market.

We have a demand for SA products in the International Market and have the required expertise in assisting your company to export.

Our services include the following:

*  Identifying an exportable product

*  Market research where required - international

*  International product price comparison

*  Construction of marketing and advertising material for the Internet - Web Material

*  Marketing and promotion of products on the Internet - Internet Advertising

*  Assistance in pricing and costing of products for export in accordance with the INCOTERMS

*  Negotiation of sales with prospective Importers and Exporters

*  Negotiation of suitable methods of payment - Letters of Credit

*  Advice and information on banking and exchange risks

*  Foreign Exchange pricing

*  Forward Exchange Contracts

*  Arrangement of suitable marking and packing of products

*  Arrangement and overseeing of freight forwarding

*  Conclusion and follow up of orders and contracts


WALKER INTERNATIONAL / GURUTRADE is an import export trading company, privately owned and established in South Africa.

We comprise of a strong team of business entrepreneurs with considerable experience in the trade environment, including banking, foreign exchange, import export, international business marketing and trade research.  In the research process we obtained extensive experience in global marketing and have since established a very strong network of contacts through 165 countries at over 300 international marketplaces for the import export sector.

These marketplaces assist us in marketing of South African products and allow direct contact to buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, manufacturers and distribution agents.


We have adopted a modern approach to global trading and operates most successfully using the Internet as a marketing and communications medium.


Our expertise lies in assisting manufacturers exploring and entering new markets for export.

This gives potential rise to increasing sales of existing SA Export contracts.

To successfully develop a strong trade network, the expertise and knowledge of a vast amount of trade information and procedures is required. We have acquired this information and now presents a trading opportunity to individuals and companies.  Companies can now embark on the export road in a cost-effective and productive manner utilizing Walker International as their marketing and promotions vehicle to launch an effective campaign for imports and exports.

For South Africa to achieve a higher economic growth, the private sector has to become more aggressive at participating in global markets.  To ensure the survival of your company South African businesses must adopt an efficient production methodology and best-practice technology.


The import export research program has cut about 80% of the workload off entering and exploring foreign markets!


A free consultation related to the Import Export requirements of your company is provided.  Please contact us for any further information required. 

Please contact Newton or Liezel if your company would like to participate in import export trade with WALKER INTERNATIONAL.

We will arrange to see you and discuss the export potential of your product.


Contact Persons: Newton/ Liezel Walker

Telephone / Fax: +27 (0) 12 3445707

E-mail: nwalker@freemail.absa.co.za

Postal Address:  P O BOX 1985, FAERIE GLEN, 0043, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA



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